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22 September 2009 @ 09:31 pm
and speaking of vegetables  
class still going well, i'm getting there almost as regularly as i'd like. about two days a week, when i want to be aiming for three. it's just such a hurdle to get out the door every time, but then i always feel good about it when i get back.

sometimes i dread partnering up, never knowing who it'll be. not seeing the same familiar faces every time. some familiar faces, kinda, but not all that familiar yet. i can't even remember any of their names yet, and there are so many, i end up partnered with someone different every single time. then i dread looking bad, dripping sweat and flailing, five minutes into the warm-ups. it's nice when we work on stuff i'm already good at, so that i won't feel so inept, but i know that's a terrible way of looking at it.

i was focusing on the grappling classes for a while, but now that my knees are begging me to stop grinding them into the mat so much, i'm going to try getting to the muay thai class again. ideally about half and half. it's great having so many choices, but at the same time, i miss having more structure, too. it's like going to elementary school, and being able to choose to take only math classes. there's something to be said for being pushed to be more well-rounded than that.
silvergirlsilvergirl354 on September 24th, 2009 07:44 am (UTC)
good for you for going!